Tillie’s Work

Tell Me A Riddle, Requa 1 and Other Works
University of Nebraska Press – Bison Books

Yonnondio From the Thirties
University of Nebraska Press – Bison Books

The Riddle of Life and Death: Tell Me a Riddle and the Death of Ivan Illych
(Olsen & Dostoyevsky) Feminist Press

Feminist Press

Mother to Daughter, Daughter to Mother: Day Book and Reader
Feminist Press

Life in the Iron Mills & Other Stories (by Rebecca Harding Davis – Afterword by Olsen)
Feminist Press

Bright Web in the Darkness (by Alexander Saxton, Foreword and Afterword by Olsen)
University of California Press

Aperture: Mothers and Daughters, That Special Quality (Foreword by Olsen with Julie Olsen Edwards, 1989)
Aperature Press

Work ABOUT Tillie

What Kind of Worker Is a Writer?
The New Yorker, September, 2014

Tillie Olsen and a Feminist Spiritual Vision
Elaine Neil Orr, University Press of Mississippi, 2009

Women's Ethical Coming of Age - Adolescent Female Characters in the Prose Fiction of Tillie Olsen
Agnes Toloczko Cardoni, University Press of America, 1997

Tillie Olsen: A Study of the Short Fiction
Joanne S. Frye, Twayne Publishers, 1995

Better Red: The Writing and Resistance of Tillie Olsen and Meridel LeSueur
Constance Coiner, University of Illinois Press 1998 and Oxford Press 1995

Tell Me Riddle: Women Writers – Texts and Contexts
Deborah Silverton Rosenfelt, Editor – Rutgers University Press 1995

Protest and Possibility in the Writing of Tillie Olsen
Mara Faulkner, University of Virginia Press 1994

The Critical Response to Tillie Olsen
Nancy Huse & Kay Hoyle Nelson, eds. Greenwood Publishing Group Inc., 1994

Movies About Tillie:

Tillie Olsen: a Heart in Action (66 minutes, Color, DVD) www.wmm.com #W09940

Tell Me A Riddle – Directed by Lee Grant, starring Melvyn Douglas and Lila Kedrova


Remembering Writer-Activist Tillie Olsen: Interview with Julie Olsen Edwards and Rebekah Edwards

Radical Writer Tillie Olsen Gave Her Grandson Text Fragments. He Made Music From Them.

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